about crystals


Crystals are highly decorative, especially when shaped and polished, although some stones are stunning in their natural form. Wearing crystals or simply having one in close proximity, can boost your energy. You can choose stones to enhance your intuition, increase mental abilities, boost confidence, for holistic healing, abundance, attract love, for protection and bring balance.


Many crystals are fragile and need to be protected. Crystal jewelry need to cleansed when you buy them and after wearing. There are many ways to cleanse crystals. The simplest would be to hold it under running water. As you do so, hold the intention that all negativity will be washed away and the crystal reenergized.

Keeping crystal jewelry clean and shiny starts with avoiding exposure to chemicals such as hairspray and perfume. Such chemicals can build up on the crystals and the metal and make them look dull. When dressing always put your crystal jewelry on last, after you’ve applied makeup, lotions and sprays.

After taking your crystal jewelry off, wipe gently with a damp soft cloth or run your crystal jewelry under running water to remove and sweat, oils and fingerprints. Pat it dry and lay it on a dry cloth to air dry.

When your crystal jewelry is thoroughly dry, wrap in a soft cloth or tissue and store in a zip lock bag or air tight container. Keep it separate from other jewelry so it doesn’t get scratched or scratch your other pieces of jewelry. Never use a toothbrush to clean crystal jewelry. Store in a cool place.


AGATE healing, protection, strength, safety, calming
AMAZONITE luck, healing
AMETHYST power, protection, healing, peace, love
AMETRINE money, protection, healing, spirituality
AVENTURINE luck, money, healing, love
AMBER love, protection, healing, luck, power
AQUAMARINE protection, magic, peace, power, healing, love
AZURITE power, healing
BLOODSTONE healing, power, protection
CRYSTAL magic, power, healing
CHALCEDONY power, healing, love
CITRINE money, love, luck, healing, spirituality
RED CORAL healing, power, calming
DIAMOND protection, power
CARNELIAN protection, courage, sexual energy
DOLOMITE power, healing
EMERALD love, healing, money
FLORITE power, healing
GARNET luck, money, love, healing, spirituality
RED GLODSTONE healing, power, joey, energy, vitality
HEMATITE love, protection, healing
HOWLITE power, healing
JADE love, healing, money, prosperity, wisdom
JASPER protection, healing, balance
KUNZITE love, power, luck, healing
LAPIS LAZULI love, protection, power, healing, joy
LABRADORITE power, healing, stimulate imagination
LEPIDOLITE love, power, luck, protection
MALACHITE love, money, protection
MOONSTONE love, power, healing, luck
OBSIDIAN healing, protection, divination, peace
ONYX protection, healing, confidence
PERIDOT protection, money, healing
ROSE QUARTZ love, peace
SMOKEY QUARTZ power, money, healing
RUTILATED QUARTZ power, healing, love, spirituality
TOURMALINE protection, strength, love, luck, joy
RUBY love, healing
SODOLITE power, healing, luck
SUNSTONE protection, healing, love
SUGILITE power, protection, healing
TIGER’S EYE luck, protection, healing
TURQUOISE luck, love, protection, healing
PEARLS purity, clarity, honestly, wisdom
IOLITE love, power, healing
RHODOCHROSITE love, power, healing
BLUE LACE AGATE love, healing, power, calming
SNOWFLAKES OBSIDIAN protection, grounding
PHENITE love, power, healing, protection
CALCITE love, power, healing, prosperity, wisdom
TOURMALATED QUARTZ luck, healing, grounding
TREE AGATE peace. money, power
OLIVENITE healing, grounding
TOPAZ love, power, healing, protection, money
WATERMELON QUARTZ healing, love, calming
CHRYSOCOLLA healing, power, love, peace, wisdom
VARISCITE healing, hope, courage, love
LAVA STONES grounding, calming
RUBYZOISITE creativity, grounding, passion